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5550 Tender Preservation Fund $50 Donation

The T1 Trust has acquired the only remaining PRR 16-wheel
Long Haul Tender in existence.

The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) T1 Steam Locomotive Trust is
pleased to announce its purchase of the only surviving PRR long haul tender
from the Western New York Railway Historical Society (WNYRHS). The tender was
purchased on very favorable terms and an agreement was created whereby the
tender can be stored at the WNYRHS facility for up to 30 years at a cost of $1
per year. The T1 Trust is extremely grateful to partner with the WNYRHS and
wishes to thank everyone there for helping to make this extremely important
acquisition possible.

The purchase of the Pennsylvania Railroad long haul tender
represents a turning point for The T1 Trust. In successfully negotiating the
purchase of the long haul tender, the Trust has established itself as a
credible player in historic railway preservation. Acquisition of the nearly
200,000 pound tender is a huge step forward for the organization, and realizes
just over 28% of the total T1 project by weight. Building such a tender would
have depleted the Trust’s coffers by an estimated $3 Million. As a result of
this purchase, the T1 Trust’s $10 Million budget is now 30% funded and the
project may be several years closer to completion.

The long haul tender with its pair of four axle trucks is
the perfect match for the T1. In preparing for negotiations with the WNYRHS,
the T1 Trust’s General Manager, Jason Johnson visited the tender in North
Collins, New York and found it to be remarkably well preserved. The hatches are
sealed, only surface rust is present and the low side wall design of the tender
has protected the trucks and roller bearings, shielding them from the elements
and keeping them in excellent condition.

The next steps involve members of The T1 Trust travelling to
New York to complete a COTS (Clean Oil Test and Stencil) of the tender’s brake
system, rebuild of the brake valves and repack the brake cylinders. The T1
Trust will also drain and replace the oil in the tender’s roller bearings. The
tender will then need heavy equipment to move it to live rail and a ferry run
on the Buffalo Southern Railroad from North Collins, NY to Hamburg, NY. The T1
Trust will have the tender sandblasted, primed and painted in the appropriate
Pennsylvania Railroad T1 Dark Green Locomotive Enamel paint scheme. The
estimated cost of these next tasks is $45,000-50,000. Fortunately, about half
of this work will be donated. The T1 Trust still needs to raise $25,000 to
$30,000 to cover the remaining costs associated with the tender.

If you would like to help the T1 Trust succeed, please
consider making a contribution now in support of the Tender. All donors who
direct $500 or more to the 5550 Tender Preservation Fund will have their name
engraved on a plaque which will be affixed to the tender. With your help, It
Can Be Done!