The secret to building the massive PRR T1 #5550 is really quite simple. The project’s success relies upon many people giving what they can afford on a regular basis. Over time this method works best. We are asking you to start giving today, and we want you to give what you can give comfortably. You can make a difference and move the 5550 Project ahead quickly. We are not asking for huge one-time donations, rather smaller monthly contributions. Slow and steady wins the race. Consistent monthly donations help the trust plan out engineering and construction tasks by allowing the opportunity to budget in advance.

Here is what you will receive for your contribution:

  • The first to purchase tickets to ride behind #5550
  • The first to learn of Volunteer opportunities to work on #5550
  • The first to be notified of updates and progress reports
  • Reasonable access to the erection site of the #5550
  • Quarterly e-newsletter – The T1 Trail Blazer
  • Invitation to Future Annual Conventions; be the first to see progress
  • Your name engraved on a plaque that will adorn the locomotive

It is important to the T1 Trust that we are completely transparent with the use of donor funds, and we have shown ourselves as an organization to be excellent stewards of the funds donated. We welcome your input and we think of you as a member of our growing family. Please take a minute, step up to the plate and help make this dream come true for past, present and future generations.

T1 Trust Donation Form

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