T1 Construction Footage

This is extremely rare footage of T1 construction shot on 16mm film. The original film was cut down and edited by the PRR Advertising Department for use in the 1946 promotional film “Clear Track Ahead”. The entire 21:40 of running time we see here consists of pieces of film which were literally picked up off the cutting room floor and glued together by PRR employees Clarence Weaver, and Bob Watson. We are indebted to both Mr. Watson and the dearly departed Mr. Weaver for their forethought in preserving this wonderful piece of PRR T1 history. The video comes to the Trust courtesy of Jeff Pontius at Penn Valley Pictures and as part of our agreement, it is only viewable by registered members of The T1 Trust.

T1 Video Memories of Pennsy Steam

Provided by Mark1Video

Back in Brunswick Green

Provided by Mark1Video

T1 Video Clip from “The Golden Twilight of Postwar Steam” By Green Frog Productions

Link for this video The Golden Twilight of Postwar Steam

Franklin Valve Gear with Poppet Valve

Screen Recording of Dockstar Program

R-C RotaryCam Poppet Valves

Screen Recording of Dockstar Program

Walschaert Inside Admission

Screen Recording of Dockstar Program

Center drive casting Prototype 1

Video 1 of 2 showing driver center progress and process.

Center drive casting Prototype 2

Video 2 of 2 showing driver center progress and process.

Link Pin Creation

Link Pin Machining Video

Promotional Video

Promotional Video of T1 Trust

PRR T1 5550 #4 Wheel Cast

In this video, you see the first major part of the brand new T1 steam locomotive being cast. It is the #4 driver wheel. The diameter of this wheel measures over 6 feet tall (2m). If you believe in and want to help the T1 Trust consider visiting Boxbox Driver Donation Page to help out.

PRR T1 5550 Status Update

PRR T1 5550 Status Update Video

Flanging at Open House

Video of the Flanging Process at the Open House