PRR T1 Blueprint



Beauty and power in super-detail; these words tell the story of the remarkable blueprint shown above. This marvel came to The T1 Trust from a supporter in England. Phil Mortimer was enamored with the mighty duplex as a boy, and in 1961 he wrote to the Pennsylvania Railroad expressing his interest in the T1. What he received back from the PRR was the H revision of the T1 locomotive arrangement drawing, A433857. Phil has kindly shared this extraordinary document with The T1 Trust. The Trust then worked with a professional architectural firm to make an ultra-high resolution scan of the blueprint.
As it turns out, not even the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg had a copy of this rare document, and the T1 Trust was able to donate a copy of this archival treasure to the Pennsylvania Historic Museum Commission.
Prints of this exceptional and unique blueprint are available as part of the Trust’s fundraising effort. Special thanks must surely go to Phil Mortimer for his generosity and ardent support of The T1 Trust.
The original blueprint measures three feet tall and ten and one-half feet in length. The T1 Trust has pared this down to a more manageable size. All the detail is preserved, and at 12″x42″, the blueprint offered here is perfect to hang above the mantle, in the workshop, or at the office.

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