The PRR T1 Steam Locomotive Trust is kicking off our 2021 Capital Campaign. We have set a goal of $150,000 by November 1, 2021. We need your help to make this a reality. Your donations will go to the following.

      •  Completion of exterior and interior boiler sections
      •  80” Driver Wheel Castings
      •  Frame Engineering and Start of Frame construction
      •  Tender Paint and Corrosion Protection

Over the past year, we have been challenged to raise funds and where matched to do so. We have met and exceeded those challenges. As fundraising has grown each of the past years, so has the cost to produce the parts needed to build the massive T1 Locomotive. Our team has made great strides and we want to carry that momentum through this year.

Please consider making a donation, one-time or recurring, to help the cause. We feel very strong that 2021 will be a defining year leading up to the start of frame construction with your help!

Here are some recent videos showing how your donations have been spent. Enjoy watching the massive firebox coming to life. Fire will ignite this giant soon enough thanks to our supporters.