It’s time for our project to enter a new phase: the construction phase of the welded locomotive frame for what will eventually become Pennsylvania Railroad T1 No. 5550. This will be the single biggest, most complicated, and most challenging fundraising effort yet in the 9-year history of this project.
The final phase of the frame engineering is complete and we are ready to start cutting steel and welding. We have selected Dover Design and Management of Dover Ohio to build the frame. They are no stranger to the T1 project as they have made or worked on several components of the T1 boiler including the smokebox extension and firebox wrapper sheets.

The total design and engineering phase of the Frame was $140,000. We have raised those funds thanks to you and completed this phase with FMW Solutions. Early estimates for the frame construction were around $900,000. We have actual quotes now closer to $350,000. This was a nice surprise as we expected costs to go up and not down. We have raised $125,000 of this $350,000.
We need to raise another $50,000 to start cutting steel and potentially have frame ready for display in Pennsylvania for an open house in May of 2024. You will be invited!
We need your help to meet these goals. No one person is funding this project, but rather thousands of railroad fans just like yourself. Contributions can be made in any amount. You can make a one time donation of $10 or you can set pledges up on a monthly recurring charge for whatever best suits your preference. For example, $250 for 10 months will become a $2,500 donation!
All contributions over $1000 will receive all the benefits of the founders club. Contributions of $5,000 or more will get their name engraved on the frame as well as founders club benefits. Contributions over $25,000 will get their name engraved in the frame and a full-sized cast Bronze #5550 Number Plate.
We look forward to making this huge milestone with your help!
Brad Noble, DO
Chairman, PRR T1 Trust