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5550 Boiler Club $550

Help the T1 Trust Build Steam! The Pennsylvania Railroad T1 Steam
Locomotive Trust is excited to announce the purchase order for the first
three boiler courses of new build 4-4-4-4 #5550. The order for the
third and final cylindrical course was placed with Continental
Fabricators, Inc. of St. Louis, MO on May 5, 2018. This is a major
milestone, as the boiler courses represent the largest parts yet built
for the iconic streamlined duplex locomotive. The three sections are
over 93” in diameter and nearly 20 feet long. The boiler code steel is
1” thick and weighs over 25,000lbs. All welds are x-rayed to ensure
perfect seams. The boiler sections include wash out plugs and openings
for water delivery.

The PRR T1 Trust is pleased to partner with Continental Fabricators. A
strong player in Railway Preservation, Continental Fabricators is
presently working on 3 other steam locomotive boiler projects.
Continental Fabricators has been providing boiler repairs and new
construction to steam locomotive preservation efforts since the 1980’s.

The PRR T1 Trust boiler engineering team lead by Wolf Fengler, continues
engineering work on the intricate throat sheet and Belpaire firebox to
meet and exceed current ASME regulations. Mr. Fengler is assisted by T1
Trust Engineering Committee members Gary Bensman, Dave Griner, Scott
McGill and Jason Johnson.

With the plan to manufacture the boiler moving full speed ahead, your
support is needed now more than ever to maintain momentum. We would like
to introduce to our members the 5550 Boiler Club…

Help us bring 5550 to life, and let the T1 once again grace American Rails! With your help, It Can Be Done!

  Donations at this level will receive:

2 1/8″ Limited Edition Engraved Tube Sheet Plug

Reasonable access to 5550 at all times

An invitation to join one of the committees building 5550

Discounts on 5550 merchandise

First choice of components and drawings to sponsor

Quarterly newsletter The T1 Trail Blazer

Your name engraved on a plaque to be affixed to 5550’s boiler

Reserved seating on the first excursion train pulled by 5550

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