5550 Book Club Video



Available as a digital download, the T1 trust has combined
all six of its book club videos into one amazing reference. Two of steam’s
elder statesmen, Wes Camp and John Stein guide students through a six session
online book club for the T1 Trust. The information shared is timeless, clear
and concise. The Ultimate Steam Tutorial
began on January 29, 2015, and ran for six weeks through March 5 of that year.
The subject of the book club was Suggested
Unit Course in Locomotive Firing
. Written in 1944, the chosen reference is
quite modern by steam standards.

Approaching 12 hours in length, the T1 Trust Book Club Video
Collection is an excellent educational resource. Based on years of experience
teaching “new hands”, the instructors are able to provide clear explanations of
otherwise difficult concepts. A treasure trove of drawings, photographs and
blueprints are used to provide participants with valuable insight and
understanding of steam operations.

Topics include an overview of the boiler, and locomotive
water systems in general, with special attention given to the water glass and
safety. The Gettysburg boiler explosion is discussed along with an explanation
of how this tragedy led to new FRA regulations. Some sessions include exciting
guest appearances. Jack Wheeluhan who fires the Daylight for Doyle McCormack
covers the topics of oil firing and pyrometry, and America’s premier
new-steam builder, Dave Kloke pays the book club a visit to discuss firing with
coal, oil and even cord wood. Further topics explored include firing grates,
stokers, valves and valve gear, netting, smoke, draft, lubrication, the
locomotive frame, running gear, appliances and various appurtenances.

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