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T1 Lithograph Signed and Numbered by Raymond Loewy (215/300)

The T1 Trust is pleased to offer a remarkable showpiece from the
history of railroading and industrial design. Signed and numbered by
Raymond Loewy in 1978, the print shown above, will make a spectacular
premium for one generous donor.

The iconic streamlining of the T1 Class is the brainchild of
Raymond Loewy, considered by many to be the preeminent industrial
designer of the Twentieth Century.

This print was donated to The T1 Trust by David Repp of
Rediscovered Paper as a way to help fund the 5550 Project. Mr. Repp
describes his involvement with the work of Raymond Loewy, “In 1996 I was
in San Francisco and went to check out The Circle Fine Art Gallery on
Maiden Lane which was the only building in San Francisco designed and
built by Frank LLoyd Wright. It was originally called the V.C. Morris
Gift Shop and it’s location was right off Union Square the shopping
district in downtown San Francisco. It’s design had been referred to as
mini Guggenheim since it has a circular ramp going up to the 2nd floor.
Shortly upon arriving a salesperson approached me and I let her know I
was just interested in seeing the interior of this wonderful building
and not really looking for any art. Not being deterred by my response
she said she might have something that usually appeals to people
interested in architecture – she returned from the basement with a
framed print and I immediately said “Raymond Loewy’s S1 Locomotive?”
She confirmed it was and was done in 1978 in editions of 300. I bought
it that day and thought it was a pretty good find. About 8 months later I
was walking by the gallery and they had a banner strung up notifying
passerby’s that after 25 years the entire chain of gallery’s was going
out of business. I immediately wondered how many of the S1 prints they
had remaining and saw the opportunity. After learning a bit more about
Loewy’s relationship with the gallery and it’s owner I learned that
Loewy did another series of eight prints called “The Series” one of
which was the T1 Locomotive. I bought the remaining prints and have been
marketing them ever since.”
The T1 Locomotive Lithograph retails
for $1100 and for every print purchased by a T1 Trust Supporter,
Rediscovered Paper will donate $200 back to the Trust. Also, the same
holds true for the S1 Locomotive prints – they retail for $950 and $200
of the purchase price will go to the T1 Trust. Go to www.rediscoveredpaper.com/rlggallery.html to see the prints and learn more about them. Be sure to let Mr. Repp know you are a supporter of The T1 Trust!

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