The T1 Trust Sponsor a Drawing Program is an opportunity to help the Trust acquire the original PRR drawings necessary to build 5550. Over 1200 drawings are currently available for sponsorship. This number is expected to grow over the next two to three years to more than 1500 drawings. A searchable gallery featuring thumbnail images of the available drawings is present below. Donation amount varies from $20 to $85 based on the size of the drawing sponsored. Funds raised in this manner will further the efforts of The T1 Trust to extract drawings from the Pennsylvania State Archives. These drawings are necessary for the completion of the CAD model, simulation testing, vendor bids, and ultimately, as described above, for the construction of the T1 locomotive. Drawing sponsors are recognized on The T1 Trust website, and also receive a handsome Donation Certificate which contains an image of the sponsored drawing. Please sponsor a drawing today and help the T1 Trust make history!